Print Prices

Prints Finishes

Glossy: Smooth and highly reflective which gives the photo a higher contrast. Watch out for fingerprints.
Lustre: Semi reflective with a “pebble” finish that resists fingerprints. Great for wallets.
Matte: A smooth, non reflective finish that enhances the texture of the photo. Matte prints tend to have less contrast.
Metallic (add 80% to price): Glossy and iridescent finish that makes colors appear extremely vibrant and increases contrast.


Print Prices

Wallets (x4) : $4.00
Mini-Wallets (x8): $4.00
4×6: $4.00
5×7*: $4.00
6×9: $8.00
8×10*: $8.00
8×12: $12.00
10×15: $16.00
11×14*: $16.00
12×18: $24.00
16×20*: $30.00
20×30: $54.00

If you want a custom size that you don’t see listed here, just let me know and I will see if I can do it!

*These sizes are in aspect ratios that are different than the original picture is (my camera shoots in 2:3 ratio, as all DSLRs do). In order to get a shot printed in these sizes, it must be cropped. Most of the time this is fine, but there are occasions where cropping will ruin the picture.

Note: Shipping and handling fees will be added to the final price after an order is placed.