As someone who holds their work in high standards, I never want to deliver a final product that I am not happy with. I specifically choose the equipment that I use to achieve that goal. Sometimes it can be cumbersome, heavy, or time consuming, but it is all for achieving the best photos possible.

This process of obtaining great photos doesn’t end once I put the camera down. Most photographers only offer a set number of photos from a session that will be processed, which in my opinion is unacceptable. ALL of the shots that I take and deem worthy to show will have at least basic post processing. It is impossible to reach the full potential of a photograph straight out of camera. I also spend extra time on shots that I feel are above average so I can make them the best they can possibly look. If there is a I shot that you would like extra editing attention on or there is a certain style that you are looking for, I can and will make it happen.